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Friday, January 24, 2020

Why Parnas and Bolton must testify

Lev Parnas and associate

Rudy Giuliani's henchman Lev Parnas has been lurking in the background of Donald Trump's impeachment for several weeks, willing to testify, but nothing happening. First the White House blocked testimony, and now Moscow Mitch is fighting against any Democrat's witnesses in the Senate trial. They know what Parnas knows as well as John Bolton and that is is why Republicans are doing everything possible to keep them away.

Parnas has also implicated Mike Pence after the vice president said he didn't even know Pence. Parnas then produced a photo of him and Mike Pence together. And the lies keep coming. AlterNet reports...
"Parnas is the reason Republicans are so scared of opening the Senate trial of Trump to witness testimony. According to Parnas, everyone was in on the Ukraine scheme. Trump himself, of course, but also Vice President Mike Pence was in on it. So was Attorney General William Barr, so was Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and so were Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and national security adviser John Bolton."
So, what we are saying here is that all these political hacks had something to do with the charges that have been verified to impeach T-rump, which would lead one to the conclusion they should give sworn testimony to their involvement. Here's more reason for Parnas' testimony...
"Parnas has letters, text messages, contemporaneous notes, travel documents and more to back up his recollections of what happened as Trump tried to muscle Ukraine into aiding his re-election campaign by announcing an investigation of Biden. Trump was obviously getting ready to pound Biden with Ukraine conspiracy allegations the same way he pounded Hillary Clinton about her emails in 2016."
There is a clear path of obstruction by Republicans of these witnesses, above, supported by Senate head, Moscow Mitch. There have been recent whimpers of softening on the issue by some in the GOP, particularly moderates. It's time to do the right thing or go down in flames with the Oval Office lunatic. 

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