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Thursday, March 2, 2023

QUOTE: "Greene is ignorant of the Constitution she swore to uphold"


The quote is taken from the Editorial Board of the St. Louis Post Dispatch and is yet another disparagement of the U.S. House's top moron, Marjorie Taylor Greene. It is still hard, near impossible, to understand how the people of Georgia reelected this lunatic to office. One can only assume that her constituents are equally as ignorant as is Greene. This is how the Editorial Board begins...
"Loath as we are to grant attention to reprehensible Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the latest head-spinning pronouncement from the Georgia Republican demands discussion — if only for what it says about the House speaker who empowered her after rescuing her from irrelevance."

Folks, they are talking about a member of the U.S. Congress as if she was some obnoxious person not fit for society. Well, she isn't, but Greene is a member of Congress and she shouldn't be. Here's a very scary statement...

"She also confirms that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, political hostage that he is, has elevated an anti-constitutional, anti-democracy, un-American crank to a position of significant and dangerous national influence."

The unlikely alliance of Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene...

With Kevin McCarthy, equally disjointed of the mind, in control of the U.S. House, he can keep Greene in dangerous levels of power allowing her to spew her lunacy throughout the political spectrum. So far, her most divisive move has been to advocate the division of the U.S. into blue and red states with what she calls a "national divorce." This dimwit wants to start a civil war and makes it clear how Republicans could make this happen...

"The repulsive extremism, ugly racism and nativism, and the unhinged conspiracy-mongering that has always existed like a toxic mold on the fringes of the American right are now at its emotional and political center, a place where throngs of QAnon believers gather with Christian nationalists and white supremacists to form the very heart and soul of the new Republican anti-orthodoxy."

Whew! This is a condemnation of the Republican faction in general, and most

certainly applies to Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is labeled the "QAnon-coddling conspiracy theorist and white-nationalist sympathizer who once posited that California wildfires were caused by a space-based laser controlled by Jewish investors." Greene is joined to McCarthy at the hip and plans to advance her radical ideology by using the Speaker.

How many times have I said this? 'The Republicans have no agenda so they shower conservatives with a rhetoric that condemns the left, which, apparently a large amount of the right wants to hear. If MTG and the GOP think that governing with their disruptive stunts will keep them in power, my gut tells me they are wrong. There is always that point of, 'I've had enough,' and I think there is a large proportion of the American population that is fed up with Republicanism.


Friday, December 23, 2022

Kevin McCarthy - Bogus Speaker at best - In pictures


This is another Republican liar we have learned not to believe. Did Kevin McCarthy learn it from his pal, Donald Trump?

Doesn't this make Kevin McCarthy ineligible to be a member of Congress?

Congress should replace Kevin McCarthy with Charley McCarthy, without Edgar Bergen.

Sorry about the cutoff picture but I couldn't resist the description of Kevin McCarthy as Donald Trump's lapdog.

The question is, are Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene in a love-hate relationship? With any luck, they'll take each other down.

Actually, in addition to Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney has a lot of mens' gonads after her participation in the Jan. 6 Riot Commission. But most notably Donald Trump.

I have no words that would better describe Kevin McCarthy than a POS.

And, although not in the picture, Kevin McCarthy was one of those that both endured and supported Donald Trump lies and corruption.


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Will Extremism Haunt The Republican Party To Self-Destruction?

New York Times columnist, Charles M. Blow, says, "Extremism Is on the Rise … Again." And here I thought it had never abated. But Blow, being the excellent journalist he is, qualifies his headline, written before the Nov. 8 elections, citing one startling fact...
"There are 291 election deniers on the ballot."

You can see the 291 deniers in the "on the ballot" link, above, with names you will recognize like Kevin McCarthy, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis, Kari Lake, Herschel Walker; you get the idea. But Blow reports...

In a major speech Wednesday night, President Biden described election denial as “the path to chaos in America.” “It’s unprecedented,” he said. “It’s unlawful. And it’s un-American.” But in truth, the extremism, racism and white nationalism are neither un-American nor unfamiliar.

There are comparisons with the William Howard Taft administration in 1908, later Woodrow Wilson, who campaigned on an “America First” platform, which soon became "associated not just with isolationism, but also with the Ku Klux Klan, xenophobia and fascism." Wilson was a racist from the South and is measured against Donald Trump who Blow says...

"is one of the worst presidents — if not the worst — that this country has ever had."

More matching between Wilson and Trump...

It was Wilson who screened “The Birth of a Nation” at the White House, a film that pushed the “Lost Cause” narrative and fueled the rebirth of the Klan.

 Assessing threats of political violence and rising extremism on the far-right...

Trump hosted a screening of “2,000 Mules” — a fact-checker-debunked documentary that purported to show widespread voter fraud carried out by “mules” who stuffed ballot boxes with harvested ballots during the last presidential election — at Mar-a-Lago, which Trump has called the Southern White House. That film has helped boost his followers’ belief in his lie about the 2020 election.

Civil war has been talked up by Republicans and now they are targeting their own with in-fighting over the upcoming Dec. 6, runoff between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker. This is a must win for the GOP and it all boiled over recently between Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott of Florida...

"A long-simmering, mostly private tension between the two men and their allies came to a head this week as their respective political consultants resorted to publicly insulting each other, particularly over how each was approaching the upcoming Georgia election."

Democrats would welcome Republicans keeping their extremism internally as long

as there is no spillover to the rest of the country. Annihilating each other could be the answer to saving our democracy. Neither Trump nor Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has offered Walker help, and some say the GOP big guns are not so enthusiastic about Herschel Walker because his win will not give them control of the Senate. And finally, more talk of civil war, this time between Republicans...
"Marjorie Taylor Greene says she is ready [to] unleash a civil war in the Republican Party after its poor showing in the midterms.
"The Georgia congresswoman also indicated she would throw her support behind House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in an interview with Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast."

Have you heard the talk recently from a past GOP congressman who said Kevin McCarthy will be Speaker of the House in name only? He said Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the actual Speaker.

Did anyone see that coming? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Thank Newt Gingrich for the Republicanism of Today


Think back to 1995 when Newt Gingrich took over a Republican House as the new Speaker. You might remember that he was the architect and co-author of the "Contract with America," introduced six weeks before the 1994 Congressional election. Republicans gained 54 House and 9 U.S. Senate seats, flipping both chambers. The "contract" represented significant changes to policy...
"They mainly included a balanced budget requirement, tax cuts for small businesses, families and seniors, term limits for legislators, social security reform, tort reform, and welfare reform."

So much for GOP intentions but at least there were some actual goals in Gingrich's lunacy. Well, he's back and is dealing with a wanna-be Speaker, Kevin McCarthy. The big problem is the Republican Party has no agenda, and apparently Gingrich was sought out to create one, or at least something that would pass for a new plan. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post says...

"the choice is perfect, in a way unintended by the upwardly failing McCarthy. Gingrich, leader of the Republican Revolution of 1994, bears a singular responsibility for precipitating the ruin of the American political system. So it’s appropriate that he is returning for what might be American democracy’s final act." 

This is how Milbank sees Newt Gingrich's tenure as Speaker...

"Before and during his four-year reign as speaker of the House, Gingrich pioneered much of the savagery we see today: treating opponents as criminals, un-American and subhuman; using shocking language; perpetrating a grinding attack on the press; and sabotaging government operations and institutions."
In his new role Gingrich started with a warning to the House lawmakers on the Jan. 6 investigative committee accusing them for the "kind of laws they are breaking" and threatening jail time. Paul Waldman, also of WaPo, says the new "contract" will end up a "Myth" just like the old one where Gingrich claimed people voted for Republicans which resulted in a sweep of Congress. And the myth endures...
"when Republicans decide they need an agenda, it means trotting out some new version of the “Contract With America.”
Here with another WaPo vewpoint, Jeff Stein and Laura Meckler, the GOP claims it

does have an agenda, albeit coming from two morons like Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise...
"Republicans are expected to focus their new platform on education policies aimed at tapping into parental discontent; countering the rise of China with new economic measures; and “oversight” of the Biden administration. They are also looking at invoking other traditional GOP goals such as cutting taxes, restricting immigration, criticizing Silicon Valley and repealing environmental rules."
It is no doubt likely the American public can count on “oversight” of the Biden administration, cutting taxes and restricting immigration, mixed with the typical Republican lies and corruption. But absolutely nothing constructive. Hopefully the well-informed voter will see through all this bullshit and save us from the radical right carnage of our country.



Thursday, February 10, 2022

Joe Biden is a Victim of Reckless Republican Propaganda...Here's the Real Story


OK, let's accept the fact that no matter what President Biden does, the GOP erects an immediate wall to oppose it. Whatever - you name it. Minority Senate leader and power grabbing Moscow Mitch McConnell is the head wall builder, followed by Kevin McCarthy, House minority leader mixed with a plethora of Republican misfits. It is clear that the above has replaced an agenda for the right as they roll on with their plans to eliminate American democracy.

Overshadowed within all this is the agenda of Joe Biden which he describes as the perfect storm, consisting of four crises that must be addressed. They are, "fighting the coronavirus, restoring the economy, combating climate change and making the country more equal." Here's the scenario from The Washington Post...

Those four issues remain central to Biden’s presidency. “I think if you take a look at what we’ve been able to do, you’d have to acknowledge we made enormous progress,” President Biden said Wednesday [Jan. 20] of his first year in office.

From WaPo's Post Pundit Power Rankers in the beginning of the Prez's administration he was given a B+ on his first 100 days in office. Fast-forward through the crises to today and...

"Now, we’re back to assess a full year’s worth of White House decision-making. Like last time, our rankers have assigned Biden a grade A+ to F, taking into account such issues as the pandemic, the economy, foreign policy, voting and human rights, and presidential leadership. Also as last time, our readers — more than 4,400 of you! — got in on the grading. Your scores factor into the final average just like our pundits’."

 Biden highlights wins, struggles and top priorities after 1 year in office...

In the final score Biden had an average pundit grade of C+, average reader grade B, overall grade B-. There is a raft of scores on specific issues in this article like the economy, voting and human rights, foreign policy, etc. I urge you to read them all.

But, Matt Robison from AlterNet exclaims, "The reality is that Biden has done a great job — but the pundits can't admit it." He gives President Biden an A+ commenting, "Anything else is insane."

Robison points us back to a glut of Donald Trump stupidities...

water cannon of lies
a cabinet of grifters and thieves
disastrous and deadly Covid denial
child separation
the Helsinki Putin bootlicking affair

This is only five. There are fifteen more. This is how he visions another four

years under Trump...

"Faster global warming. Endless vendettas. Jailing dissidents. Clawing back LGBT rights. MAGA budgets and widespread hunger. Endless trade wars and rising nuclear standoffs. An impenetrable wall of judges. A chokehold on immigration. The end of democracy."

Then, Jennifer Rubin comes along with her opinion, "Biden is on a roll as commander in chief." A great read! That's good enough for me.


Monday, January 24, 2022

America is Destroying its Democracy -The Experts Agree


The first site I came upon was one that we would not see if not for the administration of Donald Trump. As you read this post you must do it with the understanding that, although former president Barack Obama left the country in reasonably good shape at the end of his presidency, there had been an undercurrent for his eight years to thwart everything he did. This included the Democratic agenda in general. The major culprit was and still is Moscow Mitch McConnell.

Additions to this unconscionable less than a human being is Kevin McCarthy, who has been actively working to replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker in a wishful Republican takeover of the House. And then there are state governors like Florida's Ron DeSantis, Texas' Greg Abbott and So. Dakota's Kristi Noem who have given dictatorship a new meaning. They are running their states in such a Hitleresque manner it is a wonder the constituencies don't revolt.

And that, folks, is where our democracy has gone. And why the media is covering it like the following...

The Washington Post says, "Democracy is on the brink of disaster. For voters, it’s politics as usual." Sam Rosenfeld recognizes the fact that the American public has decided to let politicians run away with their country, and do absolutely nothing about it. Apathetics, I call them. And maybe Trump isn't all to blame as Rosenfeld reports...

"Worries about the state of American democracy didn’t begin when Trump rejected the election’s results — indeed, they predate his entrance into politics. For the last two decades, analysts have connected dysfunction in governance to deepening party polarization, marked by an asymmetrical Republican shift toward procedural hardball and extremism."


Canadian author Stephen Marche opens his new book, "The Next Civil War:

Dispatches from the American Future." with "The United States is coming to an end. The question is how." And with the natural reaction from Americans when an outsider criticizes us, he or she is just a U.S. hater. Not so says the author, Dean Obeidallah, who explains...
"In fact, as Marche explained on my SiriusXM radio show last week, it's the opposite: Marche wrote his book because he "loves" the US after working and living within its borders off and on for years. His hope, he says, is to warn Americans of where the nation is going before it's too late."

It seems that everyone but Republicans have discovered the fact that our country is on the verge of losing its democracy and wants to help...

Marche isn't the only Canadian worried about their southern neighbor's future. Just days before Marche's book released, political scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon -- the executive director of the Cascade Institute, which focuses on ways to address threats to society -- penned a powerful op-ed in Canada's "Globe and Mail" that begins with a similar warning. "By 2025, American democracy could collapse, causing extreme domestic political instability, including widespread civil violence," Homer-Dixon writes. "By 2030, if not sooner," he adds, "the country could be governed by a right-wing dictatorship."


In a New York Times opinion piece, David Brooks says, "America Is Falling Apart at the Seams," a statement highly appropriate in the sense that the wheels seem to be coming off from the states to the federal government. Brooks found that driving in the U.S was down during the coronavirus pandemic but the number of traffic deaths rose 7 percent. Two numbers that don't make sense until you take into consideration the pandemic has raised the stress level to the breaking point...
"While gloomy numbers like these were rattling around in my brain, a Substack article from Matthew Yglesias hit my inbox this week. It was titled, “All Kinds of Bad Behavior Is on the Rise.” Not only is reckless driving on the rise, Yglesias pointed out, but the number of altercations on airplanes has exploded, the murder rate is surging in cities, drug overdoses are increasing, Americans are drinking more, nurses say patients are getting more abusive, and so on and so on.

From airplanes to school rooms there are outbursts like we have never seen before. This article is so all-inclusive on America's fight for democracy that I strongly recommend reading it all

More on America's destruction of democracy later.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Jim Jordan: Next Biggest Threat to America's Democracy


The first point I want to make here is, Democrats cannot afford to lose the House for several reasons, the primary one most obvious. But there is one other lurking in the background that poses a catastrophic possibility. Ohio Republican representative Jim Jordan could be the new Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. If the GOP wins the House. Here's an idea of those duties...
In addition to its critical role in providing oversight of the Department of Justice and the agencies under the Department's jurisdiction, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security, the Judiciary Committee plays an important role in the consideration of nominations and pending legislation.

Do we want this wingnut Jim Jordan in a position to command this kind of authority as one of the most powerful members of Congress? Hell no! And here is why. Jordan had a major role in organizing and perpetuating the Jan. 6, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. And according to CNN...

"We now know that Jordan forwarded to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows a message (sent from a former Department of Defense inspector general) that laid out the supposed Constitutional backing for then-Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election the following 

Jim Jordan was and is a strong supporter of the ex-president Donald Trump and "helped push former President Donald Trump's false narrative that the 2020 election was somehow stolen." Here's what the Ohio Republican actually said...
"I don't know how you can ever convince me that President Trump didn't actually win this thing based on all the things you see." Obviously, this idiot has problems with his vision, or is it his brain? Or both?

He also helped promote the 2020 ballot audit in Arizona which turned out to be a monumental disaster confirming that Arizona Senate President Karen Fann is a certifiable imbecile. She has resigned. Next, CNN is reporting that Jordan's text message to Mark Meadows, Trump former Chief of Staff said...

"that Jordan was actively presenting ways to circumvent the Electoral College process on the eve of Pence formally recognizing that Biden had indeed won."

The piece added this...

"is a very different thing from just throwing out some rhetoric on cable TV suggesting -- without any evidence -- that Trump had in fact won. It's taking concrete steps to obstruct the democratic process by which we transfer power in this country."

Rep. Jim Jordan revealed as sender of text to Mark Meadows...

The Republican Party has repeatedly been accused of trying to dismantle our American democracy, and are coming close to succeeding. It's not just at the national level, congressional Republicans, the like, but also in the states with examples like Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis and Texas' Greg Abbott. Here's a recent post: "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis...a Totalitarian, Fascist Dictator?" Believe the answer here is an unequivocal YES!

But Greg Abbott has done a great job of mucking up the state of Texas with his voting and abortion laws. This lunatic has flown in the face of federal law and the Constitution by barring abortion in his state. Even Chief Justice John Roberts chastised Abbott over legislating against a federal law, Roe v. Wade. There are other GOP governors like Kristi Noem, South Dakota's governor who throws open the doors of her state to Covid-19 super-spreader events.

And the fact that Jim Jordan had an active part of plotting the Jan. 6, insurrection of the U.S. Capitol won't even dampen his chances of becoming the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Rather, it enhances them in the eyes of another Republican maniac who expects to be the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. If for no other reason for saving the House to the left, does this country want McCarthy two heartbeats away from the White House? This is a truly horrible thought.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Justin Amash run against Trump as Democrat?

Republican Rep. Justin Amash is taking a ton of flak from his party because he publicly condemned Donald Trump's actions saying the Mueller report "showed he committed impeachable offenses by obstructing justice. The Michigan congressman refuted...
Trump/Amash-Who will win?
"many of the mistaken and weak defense of Trump’s actions. Many have criticized the idea that an obstruction of justice charge could possibly be warranted." 
My gut tells me that a switch of parties is called for, as he faces what will probably be a major backlash by the GOP. What the hell, the Democrats need a fresh face, assuming Amash can abide a more liberal philosophy. But after looking at his position on the issues, that is not likely. That's all very well since the left can just use him to point out the many shortcomings of Donald Trump. He even shakes his fist at the GOP National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel.

Amash comments...
"the idea that 'there is no crime' in the Russia case is just false.

“In fact, there were many crimes revealed by the investigation, some of which were charged, and some of which were not but are nonetheless described in Mueller’s report.” 
This clearly shows one Republican has chosen to see the Mueller Report in the context that it was meant to be seen, information that was legally gathered pointing to the fact that Donald Trump did obstruct justice in the Russian 2016 election tampering and otherwise. Most other Republicans in Congress choose to see it as a threat to the Party, therefore protecting Trump. Some think GOP attacks on Justin Amash could doom Trump’s chances for re-election...
"The Michigan Republican finished reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which he faulted other lawmakers for neglecting to do, and concluded the president had engaged in impeachable conduct — and Attorney General William Barr had misled the public about the investigation’s findings."
This is the opinion of New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait. He commented further...
"The Michigan Republican finished reading special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which he faulted other lawmakers for neglecting to do, and concluded the president had engaged in impeachable conduct — and Attorney General William Barr had misled the public about the investigation’s findings."
Here are four excellent points from Chait...
Here are my principal conclusions:
1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report.
2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.
3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances.
4. Few members of Congress have read the report.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and Trump say Amash did it for attention, and, if so, he certainly accomplished his purpose. However, back to Amash challenging Trump, he was one of 13 Republicans "who voted to block Trump’s phony emergency declaration, reported by the Washington Post. I say let him run against Trump in the Republican Primary, where Trump will no doubt show his true self along with depleting his war chest for 2020.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

NRA flagrantly opposes womens' rights

Women against the NRA
Just when you think this gang of gun nuts has hit the bottom of the barrel--they taught Aussies "How to Sell a Massacre--they come up with a new profound reason to get rid of the organization. The National Rifle Assn. (NRA) will oppose Democratic legislation that will reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which expired in February. Here's why...
"The group opposes provisions that could lead to firearm confiscations over misdemeanor domestic violence or stalking convictions."
Once again, the value of their guns over human life!

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants House Republicans to consider an alternative VAWA bill, which would "provide a one-year extension to continue funding services to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence while Congress works on a bipartisan reauthorization of VAWA." After the introduction of this bill in Congress in 2019, it had one sponsor, the NRA. By the way, this GOP alternative bill was submitted by a woman, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who touts an A rating from the NRA.

Here's what the NRA says about domestic violence...
“The NRA opposes domestic violence and all violent crime, and spends millions of dollars teaching countless Americans how not to be a victim and how to safely use firearms for self-defense.”
BULLSHIT! The truth is that the NRA promotes domestic violence, as well as gun violence against children and in general by putting as many guns on the street as it can. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Today's NRA Congressional Gun Whore

Today's NRA Congressional Gun Whore is Kevin McCarthy (R) Rep. from California who received $5,000 from the National Rifle Assn. in 2014.

MR. PRESIDENT: If you look frail, if you talk frail, and if you walk frail, you must be frail...

      ...too frail to lead this country for another four years. I know, we all know, what you are afraid of; the lunatic who could win the ...