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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Donald Trump turns conspiracy theories into an "art"

August 15, 2019: DAILY NEWS BYTES

PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk
The minute the Oval Office lunatic took on the mantle of white supremacy
, thinking it would please many of his followers, he started diving in the polls, and it doesn't look like this trend is abating. As an example, a new poll from Quinnipiac University cites the fact that "Most Americans think Trump is racist." Although that may appeal to some of his supporters, most don't accept it.

And harking back to his 2016 win in the Electoral College--not the popular vote--2020 doesn't look good. In "six NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls spanning January-July 2019. And in all but one of them, Trump’s approval is 'underwater among suburban residents.'” 

Conspiracy theories have been with us in U.S. politics for years; remember JFK's death? But it has taken a moron like Donald Trump to move this "art" into, well, the 22nd century. In 2018, yes, even a year ago, Simon Maloy of Media Matters has compiled some of T-rump's best. Like when Trump pressured DOJ to "start an investigation into their own department’s investigation of Trump’s campaign." MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said...
“The president has now crossed one of the brightest red lines in the American rule of law: demanding the Department of Justice open a politically motivated investigation designed to sabotage the criminal and counterintelligence probe into the president’s own campaign. ”
CNN's Anderson Cooper takes on Trump conspiracy theories...

Here's a headline for ya, "White Nationalist Terrorism Is a Problem. Trump Is a Bigger One." This a statement from the Intelligencer's Eric Levitz. And then...
"Four days after a white nationalist targeted Latinos in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso — and three weeks after the director of the FBI confirmed that white supremacist ideology is the leading driver of domestic terrorism in the U.S. — the Fox News host assured his viewers that white supremacy was a 'hoax.'”
That was one of Fox's mentally challenged reporters, Tucker Carlson. But the network says his job is safe for now. Why not, as long as he comes up with disinformation like this, he is right at home.

 Raw Story says that there are 20 different ways Donald Trump mirrors Hitler. A new book, "When at Times the Mob Is Swayed: A Citizen’s Guide to Defending Our Republic" by Burt Neuborne, he "describes how America’s constitutional checks and balances are being pushed to the brink by a president who is consciously following Adolf Hitler’s extremist propaganda and policy template from the early 1930s—when the Nazis took power in Germany."

Here's its focus...
"how America’s constitutional foundation in 2019—an unrepresentative Congress, the Electoral College and a right-wing Supreme Court majority—is not positioned to withstand Trump’s extreme polarization and GOP power grabs."
There's more...looks like the book is worth reading.

Even back to 2016 election, Trump compared to Hitler...

Is Donald Trump trying to provoke a recession? Salon's Bob Cesca had hoped for an embargo on the Republican Party after the George W. Bush years but instead, laments...we got something much worse...
"Eight years later, 62 million voters recklessly ignored the lessons of 2001 to 2009 by installing an even more incompetent, dangerous and unstable Republican administration in the White House."
Added to that, the lies and misinformation spewing from Fox News convinced Trump's base of double-digits that "the steadily improving economy of the Barack Obama administration was 'American carnage.'” Thus initiating a return to...
"the stewardship of Republicans who had been responsible for a $1.4 trillion deficit, the collapse of the stock market, more than 800,000 jobs lost in a single month and the near disintegration of both the housing market and America’s auto industry."
Donald Trump's contribution...
He "deregulated everything, weakening the post-Great Recession laws meant to curb Wall Street abuses, and punctuated his Bush-era linkage by also authorizing a massive tax cut for the wealthiest Americans without paying for a goddamn cent of it."
But just how much is Donald trump doing to enrich himself and his family, using the American economy to do it? Read this article to find out.

READ MORE: "Wall Street panicking: There’s a 1-in-3 chance of a recession by 2020 thanks to Trump’s trade meddling."

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

10 reasons Donald Trump won't be reelected in 2020

August 13, 2019: TODAY'S NEWS BYTES on PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk

Donald Trump won't repeat and here's why  

If you are looking for some sound reasons why Donald Trump will likely be back in his Trump Tower after 2020, look no more. Quinnipiac University reminds us that his approval rating is at 40 percent while his disapproval is at 54 percent and here is some of the logic thanks to AlterNet...
Donald Trump - The Washington bigot
1. Most Americans think Trump is racist.
2. Large majorities of both black and Latinos think Trump is racist.
3. Unlike Trump, 78 percent of Americans think it is never “acceptable for a presidential campaign to obtain information on a political opponent from a hostile foreign power.”
4. A huge majority of people (87 percent) believe campaigns should be forced to report receiving information from foreign governments.
5. 54 percent say they will “definitely not vote” for Trump.
6. Only 32 say they will “definitely” vote for Trump.
7. Voters aren’t buying Trump’s spin on the horrific conditions his administration forces upon immigrants.
8. Trump’s hope to make 2020 about the supposed dangers of immigration will probably fail.
9. 88 percent of people say “lack of civility in politics today is a serious problem.”
10. Indeed, more voters blame Trump for lack of civility than Democrats.
A vote whether Donald Trump should be reelected...

The 32%, above, who say they will definitely vote for Trump are the same double-digits you see standing behind him at rallies, and those who gloat over his online tweets. The 54 percent who say they will “definitely not vote” for Trump, and if they, in fact, come out to vote, will hopefully save this country from  another four years of a raving ego-maniac that is driving the U.S. into the ground.

Assuming the democrats are not dumb enough to let the Electoral College beat them again, there is a good chance this country will return to normal after the 2020 elections.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Trump polls high but Americans Not sold on Trump or Democrat

July 23, 2019: TODAY'S NEWS BYTES  

Donald Trump Jr. went unscathed in Robert Mueller investigation
Joe Scarborough of MSNBC would like to know why Donald Trump Jr. had not been questioned as part of the special counsel probe, a question, perhaps, that could arise in Robert Mueller's testimony tomorrow. Scarborough said...
“There are only three questions that most Americans want the answer to. Was there obstruction, was there collusion and would Donald Trump have been indicted had he not been the president of the United States?"
This, in addition to the mystery over why Mueller didn't subpoena Junior...
"Why was Donald Trump Jr. the only American attendee of the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 not questioned by investigators?"
Scarborough described Mueller's investigation as "incomplete," commenting...
“There’s a recurring theme here about all of these investigations going on and everybody pulling back before giving Americans the answers that they need.”
I hesitate to even say it but, is it possible, deep down, Robert Mueller was afraid of the wrath of Donald Trump's legal team and that may still be the case?

Michael Cohen on Donald Trump Jr. Trump Tower meeting...

The illiterate first family

Ivanka Trump is following in daddy's footsteps in keeping with stupid statements and an ignorance of the English language. She recently had to delete a tweet about Boris Johnson after repeated ridiculing of its misspelling. Boris Johnson was being named the next Prime Minister of the "United Kingston". The toofar site also came up with some T-rump goodies...
The POTUS is renowned for his Twitter gaffes, "Cheif Hostage Negotiator", "Hamberder", "Unpresidented", "Smocking" and the infamous "Covfefe" tweets among the more famous examples.
 In another situation...
"Ivanka Trump violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from engaging in political activity, when she tweeted about her dad’s campaign in a Father’s Day post, a watchdog group says.
And finally...
"The watchdog group argued that Ivanka’s Twitter account, which has over 6.5 million followers, has been used continuously for official government purposes, despite saying it is a “Personal Pg.” and that “views are [her] own” in the bio, which also includes her “Advisor to POTUS” job title. Thus, Ivanka's partisan Twitter activity can easily be read as that of a government employee, albeit an unpaid one, using her official position to promote political campaign issues."
They may be illiterate but all of this Trump clan knows how to use the U.S. government to further their own interests.

Trump polls high but Americans Not sold on Trump or Democrats

T-rump's latest tirade against the four congresswomen of color apparently juiced up his popularity rating, which clearly indicates to me a following of racists. If it did come from a "mainstream opinion poll," it would further signify a racist tendency now in the general population. Or is it that the four are all of the female sex and the bubbas out there can't stand the competition? All of a sudden their masculinity is threatened and they feel they must put them in their place.

The Marist Institute for Public Opinion at Marist College pollster says Independents would not reelect Donald Trump but at the same time are also unhappy with the course Democrats have taken. Even though Trump did his best ever in this poll, his approval rating is still just 44%. On the other side...
"52% of registered voters approve of his handling of the economy and two-thirds — 65% — of Americans think the economy is working well for them, including 62% of independents."
This would indicate to me that although Republicans got lucky on the economy, at the expense of the middle class, the voting public really doesn't want Donald Trump in the White House. 

Donald Trump Says He Will Be Indicted On Tuesday

  THAT'S TODAY... Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has brought the case to this point, now looking at a possible indictment. Trum...