Friday, December 11, 2015

Voter disenchantment sorely misdirected toward. Donald Trump

Everyone in this country, except for those people living under a rock, is disenchanted with the way the U.S. government is being run. Yes, I am even very unhappy with Pres. Obama, although I think he has been a great President on other issues, for his lack of aggression to pass gun control legislation. But to channel this disillusionment in the direction of a maniac like Donald Trump is akin to hiring a psychotic as a babysitter. You people want this kind of individual running your country? If you do, please get

A literal carnival barker, he is currently carrying 36% of the Republican vote. I knew conservatives were less intelligent than progressives, but this kind of thinking puts your IQ in the double digits. This crackpot has brought the best out of his supporters, like reviving those morons that placed Barack Obama's head on the body of a chimpanzee. Now that's what I call class that dwells at the bottom of the barrel. And of course there was the recent barring of all Muslims to the U.S., even if they are citizens.

The GOP has panicked and has no idea what to do. I have an idea. They might call the CIA and see if they can make Donald Trump disappear, at least until the 2016 election is over.

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