554 kids under age 12 have died by gunshots since Sandy Hook

Moms at Sandy Hook shooting massacre
It has been only three years since the Sandy Hook bloodletting, killing 20 innocent children six years old and six adults. In those three years 554 kids under age 12 have been killed by guns. Yes, it was done with the same guns that NRA head, Wayne LaPierre, says make us safer. Only a double digit moron could make that kind of statement in light of the number of mass killings we have experienced recently. That number would be 317 in just 2015.

And only a bunch of idiots (lowest on IQ scale) like those who populate Congress, who are supposed to be protecting the American public, particularly their constituents, would allow this devastation to continue completely unabated. Of course the sane among us know why, but we just don't understand. Perhaps it will take, God forbid, the murder of a conservative Republic congressperson by an assault weapon or one of his or her family, another tragedy fostered by the NRA he or she loves.

Most Americans, excluding the gun nuts, have had it with gun violence, and it is time for Congress to do something. Before the unthinkable happens.

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