Monday, May 6, 2019

Get your politics now from left field


The NRA's self-dealing and non-profit status are two recent moves that will hopefully bring this organization of thugs down.

Keep the Electoral College? Here's how one person sees a way to compromise.

Donald Trump complains about the finish of the Kentucky Derby, a senseless statement that clearly shows his mind is not on the running of the country. Just another reason pundits are calling for Democrats to impeach or shut up.

12-year-old shoots and kills his 10-year-old brother in Texas; he is charged with murder. Where the hell did a 12-year-old get his hand on a gun? Irresponsible gun nut parents, perhaps?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi worried Donald Trump will not leave office willingly when he loses the election in 2020. Send in Alec Baldwin.

Please give me your comments on these issues.

Donald Trump Says He Will Be Indicted On Tuesday

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