American public should be itching for Donald Trump impeachment?

800 prosecutors, on paper, would prosecute Trump
Yesterday I posted, "Donald Trump impeachment gets closer and closer,' with the knowledge that public support had risen 5 points just since mid-April to 45%. Although the American public has found impeachment unpopular in the past, the new poll, above, suggests opinion on impeachment may be malleable. According to the Washington Post, "far from exonerating Trump, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III found substantial evidence of obstruction of justice."

It's over 800 ex-prosecutors now who have signed on to the fact that they would have prosecuted Trump for obstruction of justice. And a recent development that hasn't received much attention in the media, is that Donald Trump is mentally challenged. Don't forget that "Attorney General William P. Barr has performed dreadfully at a pair of hearings, evading and double-talking his way around the actual findings in the report." Now he was held in Contempt of Congress.

The latter may not go anywhere legally, but in the eyes of many Americans, those who genuinely care about their country, this is a black eye on the Donald Trump administration. WP proposes a 'what if?"...
"Now imagine if Mueller and then former White House counsel Donald McGahn testify, reaffirming the mountain of evidence that Trump tried to influence witnesses, sought to fire Mueller and tried to curtail the investigation."
The last I heard neither Robert Mueller nor Donald McGhan will be allowed to testify by the White House. Now is the time for all Donald Trump's double-digit followers to take notice of the facts and marshal all the few digits of intelligence they still might have to understand that this maniac is ruining the country and you are his co-conspirators. And hopefully, some day you will be held accountable. This next week in Congress should be very interesting.

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