Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fact Checker: Trump continues lies at "unbelievable pace"

What past president do you know of that made over 10,000 false or misleading comments in the first 2-years of their presidency...and they can be documented? I don't know of any since it is entirely possible that no other president has been flagrant enough in his lying to prompt the media to literally record this action. And that is purely pathetic! For the Oval Office lunatic, that's 12.2 claims per day, or 10,111 total claims in the 828 days of the Trump presidency.

The leading Washington Post Fact Checker, Glenn Kessler, said...
"The President continues to say false or misleading statements at an unbelievable pace."
This said of the moron who leads the most powerful country in the world. Here's more...
"According to The Post, the largest issue area of false or misleading claims has been immigration. The most-repeated claim is that the border wall is currently being built, something that Congress has not allocated funding for or authorized construction of. The Post points out that there are portions of the border wall being repaired."

If this lying dolt spent as much time in the improvement of this country as he does on immigration and other lies, the U.S. would be in much better shape. According to Fact Checker, most of Trump's false or misleading claims--22%--occur at his campaign rallies. There were 61 alone at the rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As an example...
"Trump said he had cut the estate tax to "zero," or that he was one vote away from repealing the Affordable Care Act — both claims are untrue."
Yet, the man's pitiful followers still stand by him with accolades over his stupidity that is apparently inherent in the whole gang of Trumpsters. George Conway, the husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway had this to say on Twitter...
"Congrats, #DerangedDonald!! An amazing accomplishment!! No one but you could have achieved this."
it was retweeted 12,000 times by the time it was published.

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