Wednesday, May 8, 2019

BREAKING: Trump uses executive privilege to block Mueller Report

More Trump obstruction daily
Well, it happened, the Oval Office lunatic has exerted executive privilege to block the Mueller Report from being released to the public. Nancy Pelosi said...
“Every single day the president is making a case — he's becoming self-impeachable, in terms of some of the things he's doing.”
The Hill reported House Judiciary Committee chairman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), said...
“This decision represents a clear escalation in the Trump administration’s blanket defiance of Congress’s constitutionally mandated duties. I hope that the department will think better of this last minute outburst and return to negotiations.”
The grueling question is, will all this flak the Democrats are giving Donald Trump come back to haunt them in an increase in his favorability rating, and will it prove helpful to the GOP in 2020? T-rump also continues to refuse to turn over his tax records from past years and there is a fight to obtain these by the Dems. Nadler accused the Trump administration of...
“unprecedented obstruction” in his opening remarks and argued that Trump had already waived executive privilege “long ago” in the course of the Mueller investigation.
There seems no end to what this maniac will do to protect the information that over 450 ex-prosecutors have said clearly stated in writing that he has obstructed justice. There can't really be a winner in all this.

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