Thursday, August 9, 2018

We need more than Cuomo to sink NRA

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made the best first efforts to threaten the National Rifle Assn. in a long time by his legal challenges in NY over their questionable insurance programs and general PR that working with the organization is bad business. But, donations flowed in after the Florida shooting which makes one wonder if these donors are in favor of killing our children in their schools. Otherwise, why would they rush to give money to a group that refuses to ban the very weapon responsible for killing these children, assault weapons?

Meaning, what is required is at least a two-fold approach involving first, electing a liberal house and Senate in November populated by gun control candidates. Second, the gun control movement must initiate an enhanced educational program for the public to convince these die-hards that NRA head, Wayne LaPierre's crusade for more guns on the street is pure bullshit. This philosophy is killing thousands of Americans, not saving lives. The other option is to continue encouraging corporations and banks that it is bad business working with the NRA, for the above reasons.

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