Monday, August 20, 2018

"Truth isn't truth," says Rudy Giuliani

Will Don McGahn flip on Trump?
This the perfect opening for a piece on another of Donald Trump's lawyers that apparently has a wealth of information on his boss, and thinks it is something special investigator Robert Mueller should know. The article I am reading from a very reputable source is anything but clear on what Don McGahn has revealed or will talk about in the future. The implication is that Trump actually condones what McGahn is doing, urging him to testify from the beginning. Giuliani's comment about truth is, of course, his typical confusion with reality.

It is known that McGahn has "knowledge of intense encounters" with Donald Trump and his cooperation stems from earlier advice from T-rump's previous attorneys. William Burck, McGahn’s lawyer, even credits Trump with a commitment not to interfere. The problem with this is that you can never believe what Donald Trump says. And here's a good reason why...
"McGahn also told Mueller how the president tried without success to get his then staff secretary Rob Porter to warn McGahn that he could be fired if he didn’t deny the Times article that said the president ordered him to fire Mueller."
One former administration official said that Trump  "did not immediately grasp the difference between the White House lawyer and his personal lawyer" when it is in fact McGahn's "job is to protect the office of the president, not Trump the individual."

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