Sunday, August 5, 2018

Melania rams LeBron James up Trump's a**

A Ménage à trois of beauty, class and stupidity
Unless there is some underlying reason for what she did, Melania Trump just made her husband look like the fool he is and always has been. After T-rump spews his latest racist slur calling LeBron James dumb, along with his CNN interviewer, Don Lemon, both black, after James' criticism recently of the Oval Office lunatic. The first lady praised LeBron James saying he is doing "good things on behalf of our next generation," adding, she would like to visit the new school. Just how far up his backside this went is not clear since we've heard nothing from Trump.

And is it possible this is the opening salvo in a new revolt by Melania to undermine the maniac that has constantly belittled her over the years? It would seem appropriate if there is some kind of conspiracy to sabotage Trump just before the mid-terms and get even for her abuse over the years. I'm full of stuff like his but wouldn't the sane among us do most anything to get rid of this psychopath?

MR. PRESIDENT: If you look frail, if you talk frail, and if you walk frail, you must be frail...

      ...too frail to lead this country for another four years. I know, we all know, what you are afraid of; the lunatic who could win the ...