Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Donald Trump supporters are way beyond stupid

THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE TO DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS IS PROTESTERS KNEELING DURING PLAYING OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM: That is in comparison with more restrictions for gun control at a time when children are being murdered regularly in their own schools, and other innocent Americans are dying daily from gun violence in their own neighborhoods. It is obvious to say the priorities of these dullards is misplaced, to say the least.

So now we've passed over 'gun rights at any cost' for trashing an athlete that believes in a cause that many Americans support. But, then, it's a "black" thing and the Trump bunch is considered a gang of racists. Trump attacked LeBron James and CNN commentator Don Lemon recently calling them both dumb. They are both black. Melania came to James defense praising his school for needy he opened in Akron, OH. You have to wonder if Trump followers are simply mentally ill?

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