Is the NRA finally facing extinction? Or just crying wolf?

NRA GOING DOWN THE TUBE? The National Rifle Assn. head, Wayne LaPierre, says, "it is in grave financial jeopardy," and has filed a lawsuit to stop what it calls New York's "backlisting campaign" costing the NRA “tens of millions of dollars in damages.” Finally, that is the way to get rid of this terrorist group by cutting off their funds, bank connections and insurance coverage. The business community has already awakened to the damage this gang of child killers has caused and the general public has increased its approval of more gun control. Congressional cowards might even find themselves with the courage to stand up against the NRA.

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"NRA complains New York state crackdown is hurting them financially and they may have to shutter some operations"

Why is the NRA boycott working so quickly?

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