Saturday, August 11, 2018

Jack Dorsey and Twitter must be added to every Progressive's shit list

Jack Dorsey/Alex Jones love fest
I don't call it censoring when it comes to the crap Alex Jones spews on a regular basis. Journalism, the Fourth Estate, is what is covered by the 1st Amendment in its protection of free speech, not lies, false conspiracy theories and repeated defamation. This guy is the sleazebag of all sleazebags and anyone who follows or supports him, themselves, would reside at the bottom of the barrel. So why is Twitter head, Jack Dorsey, sticking up for the garbage monger and after professing leaning to the left, giving an extended interview to Sean Hannity?

Hannity himself is guilty of perpetrating the Seth Richards murder conspiracy, which even disgusted the Fox News staff. Anytime you see news on Fox, Sinclair Broadcast or nut jobs like Alex Jones you have to assume only a small percentage of the content is true, very small, and it's just best to stay away entirely. There are too many legitimate news outlets out there, both liberal and conservative, and a small amount of Googling will help you find what you're looking for. As for Twitter's Jack Dorsey, as long as he defends this kind of trash radio, I hope his Twitter followers continue to leave.

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