Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trump requires NDAs, Obama didn't

Omarosa: You want me to what?

Donald Trump has required non-disclosure agreements from all of his staff, as revealed recently by former Trump campaign and White House aide Omarosa Manigault, and confirmed by Kellyanne Conway. Barack Obama did not require these same kinds of NDAs because his Associate White House Counsel Ian Bassin did not consider it within their capability to require NDAs of their employees. Just another illegal move by the master, T-rump. Re. all this, the media is asking...
"Why should we trust anything you say, when you are legally bound to say good things?"
The non-disclosure seems to center around the recent exposure of trump using the "N" word and MSNBC’s Katy Tur's recent question, above, to Trump 2020 spokesperson, Marc Lotter, who replied...
if he ever felt he was in a position that compromised his integrity, “then I wouldn’t work for that candidate any longer, and that’s just not something I’ve come across.”
Tur pressed further what if he was "appalled" at something and re-asked her question...answer: “if there was something that wrote to a criminal level,” his NDA wouldn’t prevent him from communicating with “the proper authorities.” One major publication reported...
that copies of Trump NDAs that have either been given or described to its reporters “lay out breathtakingly broad prohibitions on behavior and appear to be drawn heavily from similar contracts used in the past by the Trump Organization, the president’s family firm.”
signers promised not to ‘demean or disparage publicly’ Trump, his company or any member of his family — and also not to assist any other politician exploring a federal or state office and barred signers from sharing any information they had learned in the building,  
It would appear to almost any literate person--this of course doesn't include Trump supporters--that Donald Trump has an awful lot to hide. 

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