Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Bern collected some good Super Tuesday numbers

Not as much as we wanted but certainly an amount that shows Bernie Sanders is still solidly in the race for President. Sanders has 394 delegates or 16.5% of those needed. Clinton has 577 or 24.2%. What you have to consider looking at these figures is that the numbers include six states with reasonably heavy black populations: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

With a more diversified profile in states like Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma Bernie did well; and of course in his home state of Vermont.

In yesterday's blog I covered states in the balance of March including Nebraska, Maine, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, No. Carolina, Arizona and Washington state. The states encompass 960 delegates. Based on past results along with Super Tuesday, some recent polling and general analysis, I think the Bern will collect 323 new delegates. With the 386 he now has that is a new total of 709. That will give Clinton 637 for a total through March of 1,214.

Understand, Bernie could do much better in the above states as his national polling improves and if his popularity within the Hispanic community continues to rise. Said I would get into April today but will start that tomorrow.

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