Thursday, March 31, 2016

Latest survey Bernie Sanders within 6 points nationally

Bernie says, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
This is the latest poll showing Hillary Clinton's lead on Bernie Sanders is down to only six points, although I have seen others where he is either even or ahead. Go figure. The NBC News SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll has Clinton at 49% with Sanders 43%. She is down four points in a week, the Bern up 2. Although Hillary Clinton recently turned her campaign focus to the national election, these figures plus more below should give her pause.

Demographically, Bernie has improved his voting preference with men, while Hillary has declined. Sanders with a 47 percent to 45 percent advantage here. Clinton also drops in white voting preference in a week to 45 where Sander's numbers have increased. In the same period Hillary dropped from 50 to 45 in Hispanic preference and 68 to 64 percent in the black vote. We'll see what another week brings along with large state April primaries.

This has become a trend that must have caught the attention of the superdelegates that at some point have to decide just who the American Progressive public wants as their nominee, as well as who can win the election in November. The numbers are clearly screaming Bernie Sanders.

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