Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How does your state stand in gun laws?

Legal in Iowa

If you live in Kansas, your gun laws are considered the worst by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. If you are in Alaska, you are number one in gun deaths. The states with the best gun laws are California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts, in that order. The five states with the worst gun laws are Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, Mississippi and Kansas dead last.

How can Iowa rank 17 in gun laws allowing blind people to carry them in public? Arizona is justifiably 47th, partially because gun owners can bring their firearms into a bar. South Dakota was the first state to allow all teachers to carry heat in classrooms. In Colorado a Republican introduced legislation requiring all businesses to allow guns on the premises. Missouri wants to make it a felony to introduce gun legislation. There are more stupid gun laws you can see here.

As gun control advocates have said for years now, the gun culture is out of control with their goal to put as many firearms on the street as they can. And it is all carefully orchestrated by Wayne LaPierre, along with his National Rifle Assn. (NRA) minions, who have somehow convinced the American public, even non-gun owners, that the 2nd Amendment is sacred. Well, I say the 2nd Amendment is doo doo and it is time to flush most of it down the toilet.

LaPierre professes to be protecting his membership in the NRA by enacting all these stupid gun laws but his real intent is to support the sale of guns on behalf of gun manufacturers to increase their profits. If he was working for his membership he would not oppose background checks that are favored by 75% of these members. Only the gun nuts are against responsible gun laws but by far they are the most vocal in yelling persecution.

President Obama has tried but failed in passing stricter gun legislation, knowing full well at the time it would never get through a GOP House, and if by chance it did, the succubus of the senate, McConnell, would never let it pass. Gun control advocates are having some luck at the state and local level and with more Progressives winning these positions in the fall, hopefully we can prevail. This means all you Progressives be sure and get out the vote.

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