Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Trump has much more baggage than just Mueller Report

T-rump definitely in a squeeze
Aside from himself, there is his business, and his family is in jeopardy from many other investigations and lawsuits. This should be a classic example of 'when you do the deed, you do the time.' Unless the Donald Trump legal ensemble can pull this whole mess out of the fire. Many hope that he and his family get their just desserts from using the U.S. government to lie their way through scenario after scenario and connive their way to federal positions of power.

 But the big news is something uncovered in a lawsuit filed against Felix Sater, a Russian-born mobster and government informant who worked closely with Trump for years. Get that, a 'mobster" compounded by the fact he "worked closely with Trump for years." We've had questionable presidents over time , but there is no doubt in my mind that none of them can beat Donald Trump's corruption. Here's what Salon says...
"The bureau should have intimate knowledge of business dealings between the mobster and Trump, who despite being cut off by every major bank except one, was flush with cash after a few years of working with Sater. The one bank that kept loaning Trump money was Deutsche Bank, which has been fined more than $600 million for laundering money for Russians."
Vox mentions a few of Trump's continuing problems: The hush money investigation; The Trump inaugural committee investigations; New York state-based investigations (a biggie!); and miscellaneous Lawsuits. If Mueller can't bring T-rump down, political pundits feel like the above, particularly the New York action, will. Sater's testimony yielded...
"that between Trump, when he was a private citizen, and a host of Russian criminals and a North Korean nuclear weapons materials trafficker there is only one degree of separation: Sater."
I don't believe Al Capone and John Gotti combined had this much dirt in their corner and they didn't wiggle out. 

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