Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sarah Sanders has no credibility

Sarah Sanders
That's just tragic since Sarah Sanders is the spokesperson for Donald Trump, who, of course, has zero credibility himself. Which means when the lie comes out of T-rump's mouth, it is immediately compounded by Sanders. If this all hadn't already dropped to the depths of the ludicrous, I would have to say again it's getting worse. But we're way beyond worse after Columbia Journalism Review editor-in-chief Kyle Pope remarked...
“Reporters have to start assuming that this White House is going to continue to lie and manipulate the media.”
That is one of the most pathetic statements on the Trump administration I have ever heard, but it will still fall on the deaf ears of hard-core T-rump supporters. In addition, Pope...
"even questioned the value of quoting or interviewing Trump’s principal spokesperson, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who admitted to Mueller’s investigators that she made unfounded claims that the ousted FBI director James Comey had lost support among rank-and-file agents."
And even worse, Sanders tried to maintain her credibility even after admitting to Robert Mueller's investigators that her Comey comments had no basis in fact. Lather she went so far as to denounce the media while Trump bashed The New York Times on Twitter, calling on them to “get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness.” This whole damn administration is a gang of certifiable freaks, and the tragedy is they are in control of the most powerful government in the world. There is literally no one who can be trusted, and that's scary as hell.

Another example, first T-rump claimed “total exoneration” from the Mueller Report. Later this changed to Mueller's findings were “total bulls--t" while at the same time berating his staff who blew the whistle on him. Peter Baker of the New York Times said...
“Journalists shouldn't take anything said by any president at face value, but the Mueller report reminds us that this president in particular says so many things that are flatly untrue that we shouldn't trust anything without checking it.”
There's not much more left to be said than please, please let the 2020 elections get here as soon as possible so we can rid ourselves of this fraudulent president. Unless he wants to resign now???

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