Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Michele Bachmann's latest stupid Trump statement

Michele Bachmann
MICHELE BACHMANN COMES STUPID: "We will ‘never see a more godly, biblical president." That's right folks, she said it and in her apparently severely demented state, she apparently meant it. I mean it is one thing when you consider the oblivious Trump supporters and the fact they all have one thing in common, double-digit IQs, but the people of Minnesota sent Michele Bachmann to Congress. Of course she fit right in with the remaining population of ignoramuses and performed exactly as one would expect a Republican to perform, at the bottom of the barrel.

 She did this from "Understanding These Times,” a Christian radio show where she "offered her praise of the commander-in-chief, adding there were so many examples of Trump 'standing for righteousness.'” Even considering Bachmann's mental capacity is nil, that statement, 'standing for righteousness' is perhaps one of the most bizarre of the Donald Trump administration. His graphic sex talk in Burbank is the extreme example of T-Rump's non-righteousness. But what is even worse is the fact that anyone pays any attention to Michele Bachmann anymore.

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