Thursday, April 4, 2019

Facebook data gone postal again

Here's the lead sentence in the Bloomberg article...
"Facebook Inc. user data is still showing up in places it shouldn’t."
Almost fifteen years ago when I started my privacy blog, The Dunning Letter, we were talking about how loose personal data was becoming, and predicting events just like what has happened with Facebook. When I realized how things were progressing in the private information field, I realized two things:1) People don't care if their personal data is kept private and; 2) Companies that collect this information don't care what these people think. Tragic but true!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a career of using your personal data to make zillions of dollars, placing the man in a perpetual state of apology for the mismanagement of FB user data. Now he's calling for Internet regulation, sounding like the guy who is desperate and needs help to stop gambling. I spent 35 years in the junk mail industry, where your name and personal information were flaunted as if you had no say whatsoever. You didn't.

And now there is the "Cloud," where trillions of pieces of data can be stored...forever. That's correct, whatever you said on Facebook today is shot right up to that colossal database in the sky, can be retrieved in seconds and it will never be deleted. It's been said before, 'You have no privacy.' So, you might as well go on your merry way throwing everything that is private about you to these data mongers. They probably already have it anyway.

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