Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sci-Fi used to normalize Trump admin.

Geo. Orwell-Donald Trump
Sci-Fi publishers are doing their bit to fight the Donald Trump administration by encouraging manuscripts from their freelance writers, "to try to imagine some new futures that might help us figure out how to get back to normal from here.” Anthologies like Resist: Tales From a Future Worth Fighting Against and If This Goes On. Very appropriate titles when one considers the road to destruction Donald Trump has taken this country on since his administration took office.

There are also a number of books about Trump that aren't science fiction, but still read like it in some cases. There's Fire and Fury, Fear, Unhinged, A Higher Loyalty and The Trump White House, to name only a few. I have read most of them and can attest to the fact that, in some cases, it feels clearly like you are in another world. When The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy is written for 2020, the Donald Trump administration is certain to be the lead story.

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