Thursday, April 4, 2019

Terminally ill child exposed to measles by anti-vaxxers

Jackson Souza Bell
This 7-year old young man already doesn't have very long to live. Jackson Souza Bell hasd been "diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis at 4 months old, has around 100 small tumors and a few very large ones on his brain." His mother took him to the University of California Davis Jackson Souza Bell Medical Center for care and...
"Days after the two arrived at the hospital, doctors told Bell that during his stay, Jackson had been exposed to measles."
Welcome to the new world of horrendously stupid people. Because Jackson's condition is so critical, Rayna Bell has tried to surround him with a plastic bubble to keep him alive as long as possible. He will eventually die. Enter the latest morons...anti-vaxxers with the following scenario...
"Bell claims doctors told her the source of the disease was a child whose parents had not vaccinated her. She had caught the measles while overseass."
Apparently these doctors who finally gave up the anti-vaxxers did not know they had a hot kid with stupid parents until after the fact. The boy had to be quarantined at the hospital for 18 days for measles. The mother cited the irresponsible parents that chose not to vaccinate their child, and in this case, the parents idiocy could shorten Jackson Souza Bell's life.

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