Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trump foreign policy ludicrous and threatening

Donald Trump on Defense
The incoming president's transition debacle has come up with another plan to make America a third world country, and this time it involves the defense of the nation. The Trump minions have decided that the top priority for our defense should be to "develop a strategy to defeat/destroy ISIS." CNN likens ISIS as "...ultimately no more than a nuisance for the United States."
"As a point of comparison, ISIS and ISIS-inspired attacks have killed fewer Americans than gun violence by a factor of more than 1,000 to 1."
The balance of the priorities includes...
" a strong defense", "develop a comprehensive USG cyber strategy" and "find greater efficiencies."
 Where's Russia? Where's Iran? Where's China? And where is the head of the country whose head displays the same erratic behavior as this country's president-elect, Kim Jong Un, President of North Korea? Donald Trump may have a personal relationship with Vladimir Putin of Russia he thinks will assure a peaceful alliance, but that would just show how ignorant and naive the man is. And there is no way Trump can cuddle up with the other three countries. Jonathan Cristol of CNN says...
"The only entity on Earth that has the capability to destroy the United States is Russia, and it is notable, if unsurprising, that Russia is not on Trump's list. Russia has over 1,700 deployed nuclear warheads and can strike the East Coast of the United States within 20 minutes."
Cristol wonders further if Donald Trump plans to follow through on his campaign promise to "... withdraw the United States from the world." Here's what The Hill says...
"...Trump often belittles our allies, minimizing threats posed by adversaries. He lambastes assumptions upon which U.S. foreign policy is predicated, but his disjointed, incoherent proposals provide no discernible substitute, especially for existing alliances."
One would hope that beneath all this loud mouth bluster there might be something of substance. So far there is absolutely no evidence of that.

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