Donald Trump becomes President-elect...Stocks take a dive


They all did well during Barack Obama's administration but put the skids on when Donald Trump was elected. These are Standard and Poor's stocks that excelled under Obama, some even soared like online retailer (AMZN), alcoholic beverage seller Constellation (STZ) and real-estate investment trust General Growth (GGP) all with 1,000% growth since 2008 when President Obama took office. They now trail the 3% regular rise in the S&P 500 since the Trump win. There is also a rapid decline in bond prices according to USA Today.

Investment experts expect a significant change in government policy under Donald Trump, particularly on globalization, which many of the down companies depend on. And as well they might, considering the new President-elect changes his mind daily, his word is worth very little, and shows fits of being unstable at times. Here's an example of why the concern...
Constellation bought U.S. distribution rights to Corona and other Mexican brews in June 2013. Mexican beers now account for 90% of Constellation's beer business, which is more than half the company's revenue, Ramey says.
Constellation is a top maker of wine and beer including brands like Robert Mondavi and Black Velvet. Here's another quote from USA Today...
"His tough talk on larger, unregulated companies (and) industries has many spooked that he’ll do something negative, or that he’ll be friendlier to competition," says Daniel Kurnos, analyst at Benchmark Capital.
Bernie Sanders had said if Donald Trump planned to fight the outsourcing of many U.S. companies, he was with him all the way. Then the Carrier Indiana plant situation arose with Trump demanding the company change its position on sending jobs to Mexico. As it turns out more than half of the Carrier jobs still went south. Just another Trump deception.


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