Friday, December 30, 2016

Donald Trump takes credit for Obama economy

What is even more bizarre than the fact that he won the presidency is that Donald Trump just claimed it is he who should take credit for the improved economy. Here's his tweet...
"The U.S. Consumer Confidence Index for December surged nearly four points to 113.7, THE HIGHEST LEVEL IN MORE THAN 15 YEARS! Thanks Donald!"
In fact it is President Barack Obama who has slowly but carefully returned the economy to prosperity after the devastation of the George W. Bush administration. Trump, hopefully won't be responsible for another GWB debacle, the possibility of which could be many times that of Bush's. Anyone who has to feed their ego with this kind of bullshit must have an enormous inferiority complex. Can you imagine this man sitting in the Oval Office when Russia's Putin says something to piss him off, and off go the missiles starting world war III.

CNN Money says "... consumer confidence was making a comeback for years before Trump even began his campaign." Right after George W. Bush put the economy in the toilet, and just as Barack Obama was entering the White House...
" the depths of the Great Recession, the index hit a low of 25.3. Before Trump was elected, it had climbed all the way back to 100.8 in October."
All thanks to President Obama, of course. Now what will Donald Trump do with what he is being given?


  1. Trump will gladly take credit for everything, including; writing the U.S Constitution; steeling the credit for developing the Internet from Al Gore; and most importantly, for sending his only son to be crucified for all our sins.

  2. The last part of your comment is classic! Put it on Twitter and FB. Thanks!

  3. The presidential manner with which this man expresses himself is unprecedented.

    We will receive this man with open arms come January 20th - and a gigantic clothespin over our nose.



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