Thursday, February 23, 2017

Political Satire: Trump...The clown who doesn't know he's a clown

What difference does a war make Donald
I had a friend during my younger years who acted pretty zany when all our friends got together to party. Didn't think much about it since most of us were half zwacked. The friend was displaying his normal clownish antics one evening at a fairly respectable place that expected decorum, when a new arrival to the group turned to me and said, "Geez, who invited this country bumpkin?" I suddenly realized just how stupid you can be when you have had too much to drink. Donald Trump claims to be a teetotaler, yet he still comes off as a "buffoon."

That's what Seth Myers called Trump on his "Late Night" show but he added, a buffoon "...Who Has No Friends." My friend was no Donald John, and he did have some friends, but even at the rate I put away booze at parties or outings, I could see he was definitely a buffoon. The guy was also a racist, something I learned later in our friendship, which does make him more Trumpish. When you think about it, who are the recent ruler's friends? The first name that comes to mind is Steve Bannon and that may very well be why Seth Myers said Donald Trump has no friends. Think about it.

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