Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Political Satire: There's a limit to even presidential security

Just Donald Trump's "great" room
From the White House in Washington, D.C.,  to Trump Tower in Manhattan, to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, the costs are soaring to keep Donald Trump and his family safe. To begin with, Melania, the First Lady, has decided to continue to make her and her son't residence in New York at the Trump Tower. One cannot blame her but why should the American taxpayer foot the bill of $500,000 a day amounting to $183 million a year. This almost unnecessary semi permanent expense is bad enough, but get this about one of the prodigal sons...
The "Secret Service and U.S. Embassy staffers paid nearly $100,000 in hotel-room bills to support Eric Trump’s trip to promote a Trump-brand condo tower in Uruguay"
Then it was on to Dubai where Secret Service accommodations have surpassed $16,000, continuing from there to Vancouver, B.C.

The pompous mogul can't use Camp David like other presidents, no, he has to fire up Air Force One to go to Mar-a Lago, which takes two hours at $200,000 an hour. The losers that voted for Donald John knew he was the epitome of extravagance so here's an idea. Take an average for presidential security, say Barack Obama, Geo. W. Bush combined, and subtract that from what is being spent for Trump. To recoup the difference, tax each Donald Trump voter in an amount that totals the difference of what the rest of the American public is now paying. Call it retribution for bad judgment.

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