Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Political Satire: Donald Trump baptized the dictator he is

I am not a fan of John McCain, even though I am an Arizonan, but he hit it on the head Saturday when he commented on Donald Trump's statement that U.S. media is "the enemy of the American people," intoning that is “how dictators get started.” But Donald John had his start years ago in his everyday course of doing business. If you don't agree with the oligarch, you will be quickly dispatched on your way most likely with your pockets empty. There is no looking back, this man is hell-bent on pushing his personal agenda at the expense of the country he supposedly leads.

Donald John does not like the media because they aren't constantly at his feet, praising his every move. He surpasses the topmost heights of narcissism and borders on a dangerous level of a completely unbalanced individual. He reacts to John McCain calling him a loser and makes another reference to his "hero" status. Maybe if Congress renamed the White House Trump Palace, in keeping with the Queen of England, and renovated the Oval Office to a throne room, complete with a gold throne, that would feed his ego enough. Nah...he wants something closer to God-like status.

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