Monday, February 13, 2017

Political Satire: How about a robot government-Couldn't be worse

That's me, only much smarter
Amazon is opening a super market in Seattle that is controlled by robots, with only six human on the premises; they plan to reduce humans to three. Don't know about yours but one of the stores we shop in has around a hundred employees and they're talking about three? So I figure...why not apply that concept to the federal government? The adaptation would be relatively simple since Congress is as brainless as are the robots. Except a robot can be equipped with artificial intelligence, something that wouldn't even bring Senators and House Representatives up to the level of moron.

And then there's the White House. That would need a special robot, based on the current occupant. Although, it is very doubtful that you could find even a robot that would mimic this lunatic, and as far as I know, robots don't lie. Maybe the Neiman Marcus catalog could be talked into coming up with a presidential robot since they deal in the extravagant. The big question, of course, is how many humans would it take to manage all the robots? The answer is zero. Even robots running amok in Washington couldn't do any worse that the blockheads that are running it now.


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