Thursday, February 2, 2017

Political Satire: a bullet in the head means a gun in the air

Arizona, the state of no gun laws, where all it takes to buy a firearm is a warm body, decided it wanted more non-protection than nothing. State Rep., Bubba Tony Rivero, told the House Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, "Accidents are an unfortunate fact of life." Referring to the death of
Wayne LaPierre
Shannon Smith, fourteen years old, shot in the head by a gun nut who fired his or her weapon in the air half a mile away. Tough luck, kid. Shit happens in a state where guns are valued over the life of children. And your grieving parents should know that and support my new bill, says Rivero, to let killers like the one that killed your daughter go free by simply saying, 'It was an accident." That's if they are even caught.

Rivero, satisfied now that his new law, once in place, would protect his gun hugger friends and hopefully not kill more than a couple hundred kids, strode to his car in the parking lot. As he got behind the wheel, his cell phone rang and it was Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Assn. "Hey Tony, good job. My big gun guys like it when we dismantle the gun laws. But, I have another assignment for you. We need a law protecting gun loving husbands in Arizona who shoot their wives or girlfriends. You know, more of that accident stuff. Keep me posted."


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