Monday, February 6, 2017

Political Satire: Kellyanne Conway spoofs Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway with...admirer
It is a known fact that Donald Trump doesn't listen to things until he sees them on the media. And it is also known from a recent PunditFact study that the Fox Network news is true only 17% of the time and is false or mostly false 59% of the time. That is the conservative news network and probably the one Donald John watches most. This seems logical since most of his utterances are not accurate, some not even close. Kellyanne Conway knew this so she decided to see just how far the Oval Office potentate would go. She leaked a news story that Steve Bannon was the White House leak.

The next morning the story broke on Fox, without a confirmation, of course. The White House mouth waited quietly in her office for her leader to call to tell her he would raise hell with Bannon. Nothing. Lunch passed and still no word from the great room. Conway was in a terrible fluster, asking her assistant every few minutes if she had a call. Then she was told there was one from the administration white nationalist. She answered.

"Thanks for the leak," said Stevo, "know it was you, had your imprint all over it. The Don was elated. Some of the leaks raised his popularity rating 10 points. He has put me in charge of the entire White House staff...including you."


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