Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Do you despise Wayne LaPierre? Watch this video and you will

Charles Topher calls the head of the National Rifle Assn. (NRA), Wayne LaPierre, despicable, disgusting. Topher says his moral code embraces only money, calling for more guns in schools immediately following the gun massacre of 20 six-year-olds and 6 teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Well, I couldn't have said it better except my description would have included many expletives.

LaPierre cowardly refused to appear with Barack Obama at the "Guns in America" town hall on CNN January 4. Then it took him two weeks to come up with an answer in which he challenges the President to a one-on-one gun control debate. The terms: "...that the debate be one hour with a moderator, no pre-screened questions and no long answers." Apparently LaPierre isn't capable of putting together long sentences unless he has a script in front of him.

This challenge from the country's head gun nut consists of an eight-minute propaganda video designed to showcase his arrogance and ignorance of the issues, while completely ignoring the facts. LaPierre is the epitome of the village idiot who stumbles through life as an...idiot. Read the article and watch the video--if your stomach can handle it--here.

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