Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Another example media ignores Bernie Sanders

These are Bernie Sanders donors
On January 1, MSNBC reported that Hillary Clinton had raised $37 million in the 4th quarter of 2015, bringing her total for the year to $112 million. The piece even said that 60% of her 2015 donors were women. Bernie Sanders raised $33 million in the same period, but I had to go to the International Business Times to find that out. Bernie ended the year with a total of $73 million but there is one distinct difference between the two races.
Clinton raises much of her money from PACs and corporate donations whereas Sanders' money all comes from individual donors and that translates into votes, as compared to Hillary's block contributors. 
From the beginning, the media has ignored this candidate with an arrogance that says, 'We will decide who is going to be the next President.' 538"s Nate Silver said Donald Trump received 4 times the media coverage of what Bernie Sanders received. In Sanders first campaign rally he drew 5,000 and the Washington Post completely ignored the rally.

And as far as the national and primary polls are concerned, Clinton's popularity is partially the product of her coverage. In a September Media Matters article, MM reports that Clinton received 82 minutes of network news time, second only to Donald Trump, where Bernie Sanders received a measly 8 minutes. Think of that. When you compare this exposure with how TV ads are often the reason a candidate wins his or her race, it's easy to see why Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls.

And that should make Bernie Sanders supporters mad as hell.

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