Friday, December 31, 2021

POLITICAL FRAGMENTATION: Here's What It's all about


The United States is already suffering the attempted destruction of our democracy by the Republicans, and now we learn it is already in pieces and needs to be reassembled. Richard Pildes, of the New York Times calls it Political Fragmentation...
"the dispersion of political power into so many different hands and centers of power that it becomes difficult for democratic governments to function effectively."
That is certainly a switch from the autocratic style of government we were experiencing under Donald Trump, but is it something that can be fixed in this country? Or, does it need to be fixed? Pildes says Joe Biden has identified the "challenge" a “battle between the utility of democracies in the 21st century and autocracies.” But at the same time with Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, Biden couldn't pass the Build Back Better Bill.

The author believes this sets up authoritarianism because the public thinks this

form of governing can bypass all the political furor. This is, in itself, enlightening with the realization that this kind of attitude could, in part, account for the support for the Republican Party. in spite of its discord the likes of Donald Trump, and congressional lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene. There's more from the Times...
"The struggle of the Biden administration to deliver on its policy agenda offers a good example of the political fragmentation of politics taking place throughout Western democracies. It takes different forms in the multiparty systems of Europe and the two-party system of the United States."

The question is, just how long will the U.S. have a two-party system, or have any party system at all? We are dangerously close to losing our democracy, and it is the Republican Party we can thank for its demise. Now, what does the American public plan to do?

I urge uou to read Richard Pildes' article in the NYT.

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