Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Agony of Stupidity...Covid-19...2 Stories...2 Deniers...2 Deaths


Stephen A. Lawrence died in Tennessee in October. He was 59, recently relocated to Nashville from Garner, NC. He loved helping others but failed to help himself. To a Covid jab. He refused to believe the virus was real; the man must have been unable to assimilate numbers with a raging pandemic going on plastered over all the media of the world. In the end Lawrence even refused to go to the hospital when he couldn't breathe.

He left behind a family...
"Lawrence leaves behind his 92-year-old mother, his brother, a son and many others who loved him, according to the obituary. After the tragedy, David [his brother] said the family is trying to illustrate how important the battle against COVID is, showing people how Stephen's choice is affecting them today." 

One can only wonder the reasoning of a person like Lawrence.

And then there is the appalling story of a man in Maine who as a county lawmaker repeatedly flaunted the coronavirus protocols. But it was his wife who caught the virus, subsequently dying; no word whether she was vaccinated but considering her husband's ideology, probably not. State Rep. Chris Johansen, R-Monticello, resigned from the legislature for the reason that, with his wife gone, he had to take care of the farm.

In a rather cold statement, Johansen said...

“Her dedication to the farm allowed me to dedicate the time I needed to the people of Aroostook County,” Johansen wrote. “With her passing I am no longer afforded that time.”
What's appalling? Johansen wouldn't even admit his wife died of the virus. And obviously impassive...
"A few weeks after Cindy Johansen died, Chris Johansen attended an Augusta rally against the state’s vaccination mandate for health care workers."

The man must be a Covid zombie. 

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