The Donald Trump Senate impeachment trial makes a mockery of the justice system

Of course there is the big mouth Oval Office lunatic and then there is the lowest of life Moscow Mitch McConnell rejoicing over their win in the Senate with the close vote of 51 to 49 against calling any witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial against Donald Trump. All the legal and political experts confirmed that a trial is not a trial without witnesses. Yet, a partisan vote of Republicans voted no, knowing full well they were bastardizing their oath.

David Atkins of the Washington Monthly put it like this...
"The few GOP senators who pretended at a conscience toward the end have predictably decided to throw in their lot with the majority of their conservative colleagues cravenly engaging in a coverup for the president, while pretending to be deeply offended at the suggestion that that is exactly what they are doing."
Atkins continued...
"And why? Because they fear the wrath of Trump’s base and his twitter feed more than they fear the voters or the judgment of history. And because they simply don’t care."
That says it all but there is no doubt that historians will document this moment, plus when this GOP Senate votes to acquit Donald Trump as one of the most egregious acts in the antiquity of Washington politics. And you can also count on the fact that the American public will remember this come the November election. Those that count on the left will go to the polls in numbers never before seen and fulfill the dream of dumping Trump.   READ MORE...

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