Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Independents boosting Trump's approval rating confusing and alarming

GP: Donald Trump thumbs up

After his clear racist decisions on immigrants, sexual misconduct and harassment of women, fostering racial hatred, promoting white supremacy, over 15,000 confirmed lies to date, gave us the longest government shut down in history, immigrant children taken from their parents, and attempting to bribe the Ukrainian President with American aid to help his 2020 election, leading up to an impeachment by the House of Representatives.

And yet the American public has just raised his approval rating, according to Gallup, to its highest point, 49%. Has this country, or at least 49% of it, completely gone down the drain? Has the near majority of the U.S. lost all of its appreciation for common decency? I would like for someone to explain to me, after the consideration of the points above, what is the possible attraction for a person that not only has, but flaunts these qualities?

Here's the scenario...
"Trump was boosted by increased approval among independent as well as Republican voters, according to the survey released Tuesday. The poll of 1,033 adults was conducted from Jan. 16 to 29, during Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate."
"42% of independents approve of the job he is doing, up 3 points."
And that's tragic, since I am an independent, and totally ashamed of the 49ers.

Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing of real substance except pass a tax bill that benefits only the wealthy. It has been determined to be a complete failure, even in the corporate area. Okay, you 49ers might say Trump has the solid support of Republican colleagues and he has. But only because they are blithering cowards, afraid of him, and afraid of their political security. Just look at what the GOP really thinks of Trump talking behind his back in my recent post.

For the 51% of us who are still on this planet, it looks like a real fight come November, the sane ones against the 49ers. We do plan to win!   

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