Saturday, February 29, 2020


STUPID NEWS from Donald Trump's collection of administration idiots...

U.S. intelligence agencies have known since 2017...
"that a pandemic could strain resources and harm the global economy, but they agreed not to release a public warning so far this year because they’re reluctant to discuss intelligence that might displease the president."
So, look what happened. We now have 62 confirmed cases in the U.S., still rising, one in California with no known origin, and the Trump gang just wagging their tongues with no idea what the hell to do. There's more...
"The intelligence analysis found that outbreaks are being spread from animals to humans, just as COVID-19 is believed to have originated — and analysts even mentioned a close cousin to the coronavirus strain in one report."
My take is to prosecute these people, along with Trump and Pence for murder if anyone dies from coronavirus in the United States. What they are saying is that Donald Trump is such a malignant tyrant, that they would jeopardize this country's health to prevent a backlash. You've heard the saying, "How much is too much?" Well, how many times have we arrived at this juncture with Trump and simply backed off and let it drop?

One of those days it may be too much, and this may very well be that day. Think about it.

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