Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mike Pence in charge of coronavirus is beyond laughable'''

Mike Pence bungled Indiana's HIV outbreak in 2015 when Governor of Indiana. So, Donald Trump is putting him in charge of controlling the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. Here's the scenario...
The worst HIV outbreak in the state’s [Indiana] history happened on his watch in 2015, which critics blamed on Pence’s belated response and his opposition to authorizing a needle-exchange program.
But Trump said, "that Vice President Pence would lead federal efforts against the spread of the coronavirus, he said Pence was the right person for the task because of his experience." Don't know how many people he ended up killing in Indiana, but you can bet it will be a hell of a lot more nationwide. The potential of a coronavirus pandemic is dreadful enough but having the Trump/Pence team to solve the problem is downright terrifying.   READ MORE...

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