Former judge, Andrew Napolitano, speaks: "Trump guilty as charged in impeachment trial"

Judge Andrew Napolitano

You have a combination of factors here starting with the fact that Napolitano is a respected retired jurist. He is a conservative. And he works for the news network known for skewing its reporting solidly to the right, telling a lot of lies, and always, always promoting Donald Trump. The judge may work for Fox, but he tells the truth, unlike another Fox personality, Sean Hannity, who accused Democrats of supporting "abortion after birth."

Andrew Napolitano really lowered the boom on Senate Republicans for closing the impeachment trial without witnesses. He commented...
"The former New Jersey Superior Court judge said a trial should be a search for truth, but the Fox News contributor wrote in his new column that GOP senators instead turned the impeachment into “a steamroller of political power” by blocking witness testimony."
He added one of my favorite quotes from George Orwell's 1984...
“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
The jurist questioned Alan Dershowitz’s argument against impeachment, explaining how Republican Senators ate it up when almost no legal expert would confirm it. Napolitano says it almost looks like states have ceded power on the impeachment issue refining its language to...
"permit a president to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors so long as he believes that they are in the national interest and so long as his party has an iron-clad grip on the Senate.”
The judge went on to say...
"that House investigators had made their case that Trump had abused his power in office, committed bribery and broken campaign finance law — all of which could be defined as high crimes."
He said the evidence was "overwhelming and beyond a reasonable doubt," with numerous government officials confirming Trump's bribe, and the meter is still running. In a parting comment...
"Napolitano warned that Trump and his GOP allies had established a dangerous precedent and irreparably damaged the Constitution."
The latter is pretty much true of everything Donald Trump and his administration has done from the inauguration. Add to that a cowardly and clueless Congress backing him all the way, and you have the chaos we live with today. 

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