Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Lisa Murkowski illustrates the stupidity and mediocrity of the Republican Senate

Lisa Murkowski

Now here's a statement so dumb you might think it came from Donald Trump, but in this case it is about him, emanating from one of Alaska's GOP Senators: Lisa Murkowski said she, "cannot vote to convict" President Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial but nevertheless called his actions "shameful and wrong." If asked why, I am sure her answer would be equally inane. Here it is again...
"The President's behavior was shameful and wrong. His personal interests do not take precedence over those of this great nation."
Yet this wingnut voted against witnesses and will vote to acquit Trump in the Senate trial. And she wasn't even done yet...
"The President has the responsibility to uphold the integrity and the honor of the office, not just for himself, but for all future presidents. Degrading the office by actions or even name-calling weakens it for future presidents and it weakens our country."
How can you possibly say all of this and vote not to impeach the worst president we have ever experienced in the United States?"  But at least she said it. Most of the other Senate Republicans don't even have the guts to condemn the Oval Office lunatic for the maniac he is. This is my prediction, and call it a threat if you like, the left will defeat the right in November with the force of the most powerful hydrogen bomb imaginable. This could be the end of the GOP! 

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