Tuesday, February 25, 2020

So. Carolina black voters switching to Bernie Sanders from Joe Biden

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden's So. Carolina insurance to victory in this state's primary has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. The New York Post says, "Now he’s hanging on by a thread." Here's the scenario...
"The latest polls of Democrats in the Palmetto State show Biden’s once-commanding 28-point lead in November has shrunken to just five percentage points over a now surging Bernie Sanders in the same CBS News/YouGov poll released Saturday."
That's right, Biden polling 28% with Bernie now at 23% while continuing to sure here as well as in national polls. And that's after a landslide win for the Bern in Nevada caucuses. Looks like the Vermont Senator's "socialism" doesn't matter as much as the pundits think.

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