Friday, February 7, 2020

About time anti-vaxxers put in their place

A nurse prepares a flu shot.

A mother from Colorado had four children with the flu, took them to the doctor, he prescribed Tamiflu, which she did not give them. Instead, she went to Facebook for an answer and the group, Stop Mandatory Vaccination, which advised her against using the medication, instead, recommending a bunch of snake oil preparations to use. One of her children, a four-year-old boy. died. Undaunted, she asked for more advice from the organization and this time they suggested...
"breastmilk, thyme and elderberry, none of which are medically recommended treatments for the flu."
I did a post on this earlier today, "Anti-vaxxers responsible for death of 4-year-old Colorado boy," but felt impelled to do this follow-up to illustrate what an imbecile this mother is, and apparently continues to be. Here's the scenario...
"A search by NBC News uncovered the mother’s engagement with an online group called Stop Mandatory Vaccination. The group of nearly 140,000 members, also called anti-vaxxers, is known for peddling false health information and discouraging parents from vaccinating their children."
"The boy’s mother, Geneva Montoya, admitted in a Facebook post that she refused to fill the doctor’s prescription for Tamiflu, the most common antiviral medication prescribed to treat the flu."
Maybe the Colorado authorities will look into this particular incident as a flagrant violation of law and prosecute this mother and the group, Stop Mandatory Vaccination, to help discourage future tragedies like this one. 

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