Monday, April 13, 2015


Hillary Clinton says, well, maybe just that much. Whether or not she decides to move further left, that bunch of loafing Progressives out there who have not been voting had better step up to the plate in 2016 and bring home the White House to Democrats again. Aljazeera America has chastised this voting group for its propensity for staying away from the polls if it doesn't get the exact candidate it wants. This is about as immature as it gets when you consider the results of losing this vote. We now have a Republican-controlled Congress. If you people in this category can look at the shenanigans of a John Boehner and Mitch Mitchell and not start getting in line for the 2016 voting polls right now I guess you never will. Don't know whether it's laziness, or whether it rained that day, maybe you were hungover or some other stupid excuse. How is it that the GOP can rally its people to turn out, conservative to moderate, but Progressives just stay home. If you can't understand what you're doing to this country, you have failed as a liberal.

The Agony of the Outrageous

Donald Trump falsely claimed that Democratic politicians say that "babies can be killed even after birth." This was in Arizona, f...