Monday, March 16, 2020

Endless lies,Trump says coronavirus under control

HEADLINE: "Trump claims coronavirus is under control -- contradicting reality and his own top expert"...

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Trump and expert, Dr. Fauci
It is Donald Trump's colossal affinity to lie, when the truth is better, that has attributed to the spread of coronavirus in the United State. Just consider this. There are approximately 2 million of Trump's double-digit followers who are eighty years of age and older who listen to him announcing that the coronavirus outbreak is "under control." Bingo! they feel they can go anywhere, do anything they want and not have to worry. Bingo! again. They are exposed to the virus.

And since this age group is the most likely to catch the virus, and if they do, because they feel free to mingle, spread it around wherever they go. It's a vicious circle created by the Oval Office lunatic, solely because this idiot is trying to protect his favorability ratings and winning the election in November. This is all unconscionable but that still makes no difference to T-rump or the wingnut Republicans in Congress. We are simply a country gone wrong...READ MORE...

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