Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Expect the coronavirus pandemic to last 18 months

The U.S. government says it has a plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic and it “will last 18 months or longer” and could include “multiple waves”...

President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday.
Questions...questions...But no answers
The New York Times article does not specify what "The U.S. government" specifically refers to here, nor am I sure from reading the article that is yet clear, but one might assume it is the upper echelons of the Trump administration healthcare network that is working with the CDC. What they are sure of at this time is the fact there would be...
"widespread shortages that would strain consumers and the nation’s health care system."
Looks like a combination of consumer products and medical needs. We've already experienced the consumer side with a massive shortage of toilet paper and various types of disinfectants among the missing on store shelves. On the medical needs side, it sounds like ventilators will be a high priority item since we are dealing with a respiratory disease. The 100-page plan was presented to Donald Trump as it became obvious he was now taking coronavirus seriously.

In addition it recommended invoking the...
"Defense Production Act of 1950, a Korean War-era law that authorizes a president to take extraordinary action to force American industry to ramp up production of critical equipment and supplies such as ventilators, respirators and protective gear for health care workers."
Pharmaceuticals are mentioned as a possible shortage, something that has prompted experts to warn the public to stock up on all prescription drugs. However, many insurance companies and certainly Medicare limit refills and quantities on medications so you should talk to your doctor right away to make any arrangements you can. The NY Times says...
“While the administration’s response has so far lacked the urgency this crisis has called for, there are still steps you can take to mitigate the damage.”
With Donald Trump in charge, we're pretty much all on our own. Pathetic!

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