Trump is an idiot: Confirmed by Brookings Institute fellow

That's right, the person sitting in the Oval Office has been designated stupid, a fool, a moron by the prestigious Brookings Institution...

Donald Trump, a germaphobe and gut instinct politician, has found his missteps exposed by the coronavirus outbreak.
Thumbs what???

It was a Brookings fellow, Elaine Kamarck, who said...
“He’s an idiot. He’s handled it horribly. When things are rough, you want somebody who can exude confidence and competence and Trump does not do that. 
“We’ve been incredibly lucky. For the last three years, there was nothing big going on that had a real bearing on the lives of the ordinary American. This does.”
All his professional life he has repelled the experts who advise him, who are rebuffed in favor of the attitude, 'no one knows anything better than me.' Here's his comment when signing the congressional emergency spending bill...
“We’re doing very well,” he insisted. “But it’s an unforeseen problem. What a problem. Came out of nowhere, but we’re taking care of it.” He gazed around the oval-shaped room, wallpapered romantic American landscapes, and took questions. Someone asked: “How do you keep people from panicking?” Trump’s response in part: “Calm. You have to be calm. It’ll go away.
It'll go away? It didn't go away in China, It didn't go away in Italy. And it is not going away in the United States. That is because we have two "idiots" in charge of trying to control this dilemma. This is not a good thing for Americans...READ MORE... 

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